Paradigm Vol. I – Genesis

Paradigm Vol. I – Genesis is a tribute to the extraordinary people who have inspired our odyssey thus far. The anthology is an expression of vivid dreams, feelings, thoughts, and ideas conveyed from visionaries across the world, with each contribution to this volume offering an interpretation of the book’s central theme, Genesis – an origin, creation, or beginning. The stories and visions shared seek to infiltrate a deep-rooted connection within each individual’s journey and to illustrate the unified wonder of the human experience.

This timeless keepsake has been tactfully crafted from cover-to-cover in order to fulfill its unique conceptualization. In an uncompromising effort to keep our work genuine, we have resisted any sponsorships, advertisements, or such forms of commercial backing for the creation of this project. Only by an unyielding level of devotion, along with the help of remarkable friends, was the dream of conceiving this book realized.




David Lamb
Mikael Kennedy
Wes Lang
Glenn O'Brien
Maxime Buchi
Odile Bernard Schroder
Ian Svenonius
Russ Pope
Gordon Holden
Blue Sky Black Death
Alex Piyevsky
Jeremy Zini
Colin Prahl
Julian Vadas
Eben King
Arto Saari
Sami Valikangas
Kynan Tait
Erik Brunetti
Emmelie Brunetti
Caste Quality
Zander Taketomo
Zachary Armstrong
Chris Mulhern
Eric Ashleigh
Dan Murphy
Les Stroud
Helena Lalita
Jason Finn
Ricky Geiger
Houston Christopherson
Marie-Fleur Charlesworth
Tonje Kristiansen
Ken Browar
Chet Childress
Jesse Barnes
Scott Treleaven
Steve Ehret
Michael Hsiung
Michal Martychoweic
Konstanty Szydlowski
Phillip Mittereder
Drew Panckeri
Paige Taggart
Bianca Stone
Maxim Vaga
Sunny Suits
Max Blagg
Darko C of Side Effect
KC Ortiz
John Dominguez
Nic Esposito
Jordan Sullivan
Hooman Majd
Brian Lantz
Lance Mountain
William Wilde
Lee Quinones
Michael Halsband
Kim Giannone
Austin Eddy
John Rentschler
Steve Olson
David Yaden
Doug Nox
Noam Chomsky
Glen E. Friedman


Book Specs:


Size: 6.6" x 9.44"

Quantity: 400 

Contents: 384-pages + endsheets + cover

Paper – Text / Endsheets:  150 gr. Munken Lynx text

Ink – Text:  4/4 (CMYK); Endsheets: 4/4 (CMYK);

Case cover: PMS 837 on spine and back cover

Binding:  Case bound hardcover with square spine and h/t bands, PUR glued, Brillianta Calendre white cloth, debossing.

Printer: Oddi Printing (


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